Saturday 8 November 2014

Feliz de vivir siempre descubriendo ...

Tuesday 28 October 2014

I love our playground ... :)

Breakfast time: Hike & fly 
Lunchtime: tandem fly
Dinner-time: paramotoring through the clouds
Castell de Sant Llorenç
Spectacular Mont Rebei
Canyelles y Mont Rebei
Sunset from inside the cloud :))))))))

Tuesday 14 October 2014

The beginning of autumn has been spectacular ... the forests are bursting with fruits and bolets, so much that we have started to become very choosy!
the first forage ... not sure what we have!
SchäfchenWolke - estilo Moby Dick!
Every morning a different selection
... camagrocs, llenegras y mas!
... with some full moon soaring thrown in!
.... it looks like a market but is just 1 mornings haul! :)))))))))
Morro de Bou
Peu de perdiu
Pet de Llop
Rovelló i Pinatell

Saturday 2 August 2014

2 weeks in Kopaonik are just begining ...

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Congost de Mont Rebei at sunrise from the Torre de les Conclues

Torre de les Conclues arco

Pantà Canyelles

Canyelles y Mont Rebei

I've travelled to many countries and many places but one the most beautiful is actually my own back-yard. I'm just learning some of the secrets of this amazing country! :o)

Thursday 24 July 2014

@home with Àger Parapent
... come back Stephan, we miss you!

Monday 21 July 2014

A tough week @ the office! ;o)

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Congost de MontRebei
Mont Rebei
Tramuntana fuerte ...

Thursday 12 June 2014

Terradets and the road to Vilanova ...
Canyelles : incredible! :)

Vertigo @ Presa de Canyelles
 ... we are FlyÀger!
Thanks to Ed Ewing for the foto's
What a week! Too much east wind, many relaxed lunches ( due to east wind ), thermals that took us to the stratosphere and back again to terra firma like a stone, partying in the street till it was light, an interview over too many beers with a real-life Shaman, waking up at 05:30 to hike up Montsec to see the sunrise and face-to-face with a badger! Life is for living!! :)

Wednesday 4 June 2014

An evening paseo ...
la ermita escondida ...
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Tuesday 3 June 2014

Stephan came to stay ...
Its so great when friends come to my playground! :)
... and I got to explore some more of this stunning country as we treked up Pic de l'Orri as part of Stephan's X-PYR reconnaissance
Stephan at Pic de l'Orri

Monday 19 May 2014

A fantasic week of fun, food and flying with the 'BerlinBoys' :))))
We are looking forward to the next adventure in the autumn!
Evening soaring at Castel Del Mur before the 1st N>S crossing of Montsec to Àger!
MontRebei - Pared de Aragon
a perfect little SchäfchenWolke ;)
... & another one!
com un mirall

Monday 12 May 2014

posta de sol :)

Monday 5 May 2014

... maybe the most beautiful landing place in the world!

Wednesday 30 April 2014

A night of frilly frocks, music and a lot of my favourite things!
...paella, pulpos. pescaditos, camerones, cazon y manzanilla! :) :)

Monday 28 April 2014

Livin' in a paradise!
sunshine, snow and feelin on top of the world!
the welcoming committee!
the sleepy serpent!
Sometimes it easy to forget what is on the doorstep and dream of far away places, so this week after a day in Andorra we got to grips with the delights of the Catalan-(very)-long-lunch, woke up a snake, encountered a real-life mystical shamen in an abandoned village, were invited to a new moon celebration and to commune with mother earth in subterranean caverns, discovered a tiny bodega with an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon on draught and realised that Merlin isn't quite as dumb as he often looks after he lead us down from a mountain purely by scent, following a virtually unmarked & rarely used footpath.
Life is good! :)